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checking out of summer

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Now that summer is winding down, I'd like to take advantage of the last few weeks of the season by sharing one of my favorite summer prints! We all know that florals for spring are notoriously groundbreaking, but what about gingham for summer?

View my favorite and fun (and perfect for twirling too!) gingham frocks that happen to both be on sale, by the way, and browse through some similar gingham dresses as well!

get the look:

similar gingham dresses:


For me, gingham is the pattern of the summer, and I am so sorry to these styles go, but stay tuned for fall because when I say I love gingham, it's not nearly as close as my love of plaid!

What do you think? Is gingham your go-to summer design? Are you ready to exchange these checks for all kinds of plaids and tartans? Let me know below!

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