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The color of Queen Elizabeth II's attire constantly draws attention when she appears in public. Her Majesty's wardrobe is a kaleidoscope of color, with vibrant yellows, pinks, blues, and greens aplenty. This isn't just a matter of picking a style she simply fancies; it's a deliberate fashion strategy used to ensure the monarch stands out in massive crowds and allows the world to see that famous royal wave! As the Queen has such a wide variety of lively suits and hats, I decided to take a colorful tour through her wardrobe! In honor of the Queen's 96th birthday today, treat yourself to some eye-popping dresses that will make you instantly recognizable, just like the Queen!  



For the 60th anniversary of her coronation, Queen Elizabeth opted for a vibrant red ensemble. This fiery hue conveys bravery, strength, and valor, certainly suitable for one of the world's most respected leaders who has vowed to commit her whole life to public service. As the primary color displayed on the flags of England and the United Kingdom, red holds a great deal of importance in the UK and is a go-to color for the Queen during the holiday season and special events.

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Orange isn't a typical choice of color for the Queen. According to a British Vogue survey on the Queen's colorful closet, orange came in at only 4% of her public outfits! Even though this isn't a traditional hue for Her Majesty, she sure makes a zesty fashion statement when she pulls out an orange outfit!

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The Queen Elizabeth Rose, a mix of a Floribunda and a Hybrid Tea, features big and bright blooms. As the color of the national flower of England and even named after the Queen, pink is the perfect color for the reigning monarch. The color represents politeness and kindness, traits the Queen is definitely an excellent example of. Pink also symbolizes good health, so wearing the color often seems to work for her!

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Color psychologist, Lee Chambers, was intrigued by how often the Queen wears green. Although green offers a sense of calmness and approachability, he explains that it also provides a message of a forceful and powerful persona. One famous example of the Queen's brightest greens was at 2016's Trooping the Colour, a yearly event where the public celebrates Her Majesty's birthday. (yes, the Queen has two birthdays!). The brilliant lime suit received worldwide attention and sparked a neon green craze! While attending a memorial service for the late Prince Philip last month, members of the royal family and the Queen wore a darker green tint for a sentimental reason. The forest green shade is affectionately referred to as Edinburgh Green.

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Blue is one of the Queen's most beloved colors; however, the answer why is a bit less profound than other colors she wears. The monarch prefers blue simply because it's her favorite! If I wanted to dig slightly deeper, blue signifies faith and trust, and as head of the Church of England, it suits that role very well. This could also be the reason behind other members of the royal family donning this elegant color to complement their faith.

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In honor of one of the most essential Commonwealth nations, Australia, Her Majesty has embraced yellow on several occasions. Since touring the country for the first time in 1954, the Queen has adapted the vibrant tone as a primary color in her wardrobe as a nod to the yellow Acacia pycnantha, Australia's official flower. The color yellow is also associated with pride, joy, and enthusiasm, making it the likely reason for picking yellow for personal celebrations. The Queen's presence at Prince William's wedding dressed in this sunny color was a show of proud grandmother rather than the head of state.

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Purple has long been associated with royalty, wealth, and power in England, and the connection dates back centuries. Queen Elizabeth I, actually placed a ban on anyone outside the royal family wearing purple as a marker of their rank and prestige. A fun fact about purple's elite reputation is that the dye historically used to create it was extremely rare and expensive, clearly stating that the royals are above others. Nowadays, everyone loves a good deep purple or light lavender, so the next time you throw on a purple dress, remember you're something special!

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I hope you fancy some of these colorful picks inspired by the Queen's wardrobe! If I can take just one fashion lesson from the Queen, it's to remember that one must never fade into the background, so keep your outfits fun and bold, and don't forget to keep your head up high and add your pearls!


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