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gone wild for leopard

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The fact that I'm posting this when I used to despise animal print definitely shocks me! The leopard print has been a long-time fall favorite, and I'm thrilled to have discovered this classic motif for the season! I chose to incorporate the design into my cold-weather wardrobe while remaining loyal to my signature look by combining the animal printed outfit with some playful accessories, and you all know how much I enjoy a matching statement! As soon as I laid eyes on the dress, I knew I had to have the bucket hat to go with it. Hats have never been popular in my wardrobe, either! I also chose to add the glamorous faux fur coat starring crystal buttons and a pair of timeless brown suede boots that finished the look. 

Continue below to shop my style and similar dresses below, all in various leopard dress silhouettes! I've also added fun accessories, all of which are perfect for the season and, of course, ready for matching! The leopard print has never been my thing, but this fall, I'm wild for it!

shop my look:

The cream faux fur coat is dazzling, and I'm a sucker for anything shiny! As a bonus, the bucket hat is reversible, so it can be worn as a classic black hat by simply flipping it over. Brown suede boots are a wardrobe staple for everyone's fall and winter wardrobe, and they look especially fabulous when combined with a little leopard dress!

However, if you'd like to make the look your own, check out my picks for the best leopard-print accessories below!

the tie neck scarf:

the hair-ties:

the headbands:

the cold weather accessories:

the footwear:


shop more leopard dresses:

And now for my favorite part, the dresses! I've picked dresses in various silhouettes to go with any one of the added accessories above! I've also chosen mostly modest dresses, you know I'm a big modesty advocate, and I don't think you can go wrong with any of these options!


Which animal print is typically on your wish list for this season? I'm generally more of a floral girl, but I'm glad I finally got on board with the leopard trend. I finally understand why it's such a popular choice for cold-weather dressing!

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