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meghan markle's nyc stylish weekend

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

I can't believe this is my first post about Meghan Markle; her wedding gown, and several of her outfits, are practically embedded in my mind! If you didn't already know, I am a huge royal observer (some may say I'm even obsessed!) though I'm particularly drawn to all their fashion. If you're still reading, you're likely a royal fan too, and even if you're not, you're still probably aware that one of the world's biggest royal couples (can I still call them royal?) spent a whirlwind weekend in New York City! When the ultra-famous Royal-turned-celebrities flew into NYC for their (quite packed) schedule, they immediately hit the headlines. However, apart from the itinerary, I've been focusing on Meghan's sleek and chic attire since she arrived on the east coast. Monochrome Meghan is back in all the colors we love to see her in: navy, black, burgundy, and more! Oh, and let's not forget about that glorious white Valentino embroidered mini! She kept her looks simple and sophisticated, from her signature businesswoman suits to the shimmering shift! Meghan's (and Harry's) stylish NYC weekend motivated me to shop and swap! Check out my favorite of Meghan's fall-ready looks below, and shop dresses that I've picked out inspired by Meghan Markle's fashionable weekend!

look 1: classic in navy and black

Meghan remained loyal to her trademark style in this minimalist navy and black outfit, sporting a Giorgio Armani wool coat, a black turtleneck pullover, wide-leg trousers, and simple pumps. I loved this look (forget the weather!) and reflected on how unappreciated the color navy is and how well navy and black blend together! Check out these navy dresses below inspired by this tasteful business chic outfit for her first day in NYC! Pair a navy or black tweed or wool tailored coat to further elevate the ensemble and match Meghan's look!

look 2: burgundy beauty

Burgundy screams all things autumn to me, so when I saw this look, it was an instant favorite! Meghan's coordinating slouchy ensemble by Loro Piana could not have been more fall fashion appropriate! Below are several dresses in this beautiful red wine hue influenced by Meghan's perfect all-matching suit. Add a satin or silk blazer or coat in the same shade to match any of these dress alternatives and flawlessly replicate Meghan's outfit!

look 3: monochrome Meghan

This muted and neutral outfit kept Meghan's look super fashionable yet sleek and very suitable for all of her important engagements of the day. I knew I could mimic this color-coordinated Max Mara ensemble and find some stylish dresses when I first saw this monochromatic look! Shop below, and don't forget to add a tie-waisted tan or cream coat to finish the outfit and make one of these dress picks almost identical to Meghan's!

look 4: shimmering shift

Way to end the trip out with a bang, Meghan! I was hoping for a big dress moment, and I certainly got it in this stunning white Valentino embossed shift mini! White is definitely a difficult color to pull off this time of year, and since she's been serving us with fall-ready styles all weekend, this was an unexpected surprise! Either way, it's beautiful and glamorous and perfect for her spotlight on the Global Citizen stage. Shop comparable dresses below, though this one was hard to replicate!


Which one of these ensembles was your favorite from Harry and Meghan's NYC trip? In my opinion, Meghan absolutely nailed this visit with every single outfit. I'm partial to the grand embroidered dress at the end of the trip (I know, big surprise, right?), but I also enjoyed seeing Meghan in her characteristic style! This (kinda) royal tour was super exciting to us royally obsessed; however, it left me feeling nostalgic for the days when we saw more of Meghan's contemporary yet refined wardrobe before the couple made their big move. Hoping for more Sussex fashion soon, until then, I'll be shopping all these copycat dresses!

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