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Updated: Feb 26, 2022

When I first entered school, I had no clue what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. I've always admired fashion, beginning with my children's outfits I loved to put together and lurking in my mother's closet, trying on her stiletto heels. But... I haven't gotten to where and who I am today without massive life changes. I was substantially overweight throughout my childhood and adolescence; I believed that I would never make it in the world of fashion because of my appearance, so I chose a different career path. After losing over 120 lbs, I enrolled in Drexel University's nursing school, only to get severely affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. I was thrown into the deep end during a global public health crisis, and to be frank, I couldn't handle it.

I will always appreciate and be interested in medicine, but I realized I was not cut out to be a clinical healthcare provider. The wonderful thing about having two passions, though, is that I knew I had a backup plan, and I fought my best to concentrate all my energy on my love for fashion throughout the height of the pandemic. I quickly found myself swapping syringes for high heels. Since I felt more confident with myself, following my substantive weight loss and going from a size 16 to 6 (this story is for another time, I promise!). I started a blog and decided to share photos of myself in all my favorite looks on Instagram; my outfits and my overdressed demeanor have always been what I've been known for, even when I was overweight. I have always been the curator for my family and friends' style for years and perhaps the most trusted person for any and all fashion advice.

Imprisoned by the pandemic, I put all my thoughts to paper, and my first website, Miss Priss (my family nickname, I think you can easily guess the meaning), was born. Almost a year later, I decided to completely reshape my aesthetic and transform my blog into something absolutely suited to my personality. This blog will feature everything about my favorite garment: dresses! Contemporary, vintage, legendary, classic and all between will be found on the blog.

Under my "dress diaries" tab, you'll find everything you'll need to enter my style world.

My daily dresses are essentially my "dress du jour," a place where subscribers can view my everyday looks as well as tips and tricks to put together an entire look using me as their, well, dress muse!

I know the last year has been significantly hard on all of us, but I am somewhat grateful for the pandemic for pushing me forward into this new version of myself that I never knew existed! Stay, read, explore and welcome to my world where it's totally normal for us twenty-somethings to wear pearls, high heels, a grosgrain bow, and a sparkly cocktail dress on your daily errands.

Rebecca Calvo


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