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Recreate Princess Diana's Coat Collection

Princess Diana's closet had it all. Holiday abroad? she always had the hottest swimwear. Gym clothes? She essentially pioneered athleisure. Yet the late Princess' coat collection takes the crown when it comes to her winter wardrobe. We often talk about how influential her style continues to be, and her cold-weather looks are no exception to the rule. Allow Princess Diana to serve as your muse, and take a look back at a selection of spectacular examples of the season's most elegant outerwear. Shop below for some Diana-inspired coats with your 2022 update.


Bold in Blue:

We can forgo the hats and the bows, but a long and oversized, brightly colored blue coat is the perfect staple for the cooler months.

(Tim Graham via Getty Images)

Casual in Camel

A camel coat is like the little black dress: versatile, effortless and easy to pair with anything. It's no surprise Princess Diana frequently reached for this muted shade.

(Jayne Fincher/Getty Images/Princess Diana Archive)

Rocking in Red

Princess Diana favored the color red in the early '80s; however, the styles and colors of the time have long since become timeless classics, and we can all use a red coat in our closets.

(Anthony Devlin/PA Wire/ Press Association/ AP/ Getty Images)

Fun in Fur

After years of prim and proper came a few unforgettable fun looks on the matured Princess. We lost the girly frills and gained some laid-back coats with chic contrasting fur trims!

(Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

Pretty in Prints

Diana's style was never dull; she kept her outerwear fun and interesting with multiple patterns, designs, and signature details that were always instantly recognizable.


Refresh your cold-weather wardrobe with a bit of help from everyone's beloved and much-missed royal icon. We may have a new Princess of Wales, but our hearts (and wallets!) are still very much close to Princess Diana.

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