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Under the Influence of Kate Spade New York

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

During this challenging time living through the COVID-19 pandemic, my priorities shifted; fashion has spoken to me more than it has in a while, encouraging me to start this blog and share my love of this industry. Although I am spending most of my days on the couch in sweats, I am daydreaming about strolling through the Kate Spade New York flagship on Madison Avenue and being greeted by the charming, chic, and luxurious garments spread across the shimmering aisles of the three-story shop.

When I saw my mom walk into my brother's 2006 Bar Mitzvah in dazzling silver pointed-toe Kate Spade heels, I had my first introduction to this light-hearted brand and had an eye-opening style awakening. Elegance, sophistication, whimsy, and a flair for preppy fashion all come to mind when describing the essence of Kate Spade New York. From polished LBDs to polka-dot jumpsuits as well as vibrant colors and a hint of sparkle and shine, Kate Spade's brand appreciates the modern woman, allowing a taste of the big city and a delightful feeling of lush quality to every design. My obsession with Kate Spade has provided me with not only the perfect wardrobe for my individual taste, it has taught me how to dress for myself and learn how to express myself through the vehicle of this brand's creative aesthetic. To me, Kate Spade embodies a new era for the contemporary Audrey Hepburn that wish to present themselves in classic sophistication without the price tag of a Chanel Flap bag. Since 1993, Kate Spade has offered timeless refinement and tasteful goods while withholding the quintessential stuffiness that typically comes with owning extravagant bags, clothing, and accessories. With the introduction of the legendary nylon Sam bag, Kate Spade has portrayed opulence without being too formal, one of the biggest reasons why Kate Spade appeals to shoppers worldwide and to me. At the time, Prada's issue of a similar nylon purse was all the rage; however, the Sam bag created a style movement attracting shoppers to the same beauty that Prada offered at a more reasonable price. While using the latest trends and adding a joyful and sometimes quirky twist, Kate Spade has and will always be my go-to destination for affordable luxury fashion for every season.

When I was 18, I tried on a size 16 skirt from my absolute favorite brand, Kate Spade New York. I squeezed my waist as tight as I could to get into the organza fuchsia mini. Even though it barely fit, I purchased the skirt, making it the first piece of apparel in my closet that was not bought in the plus-size section and introduced me to the Kate Spade aesthetic. 10 years and minus 125 pounds later, I tried on my first Kate Spade tweed dress adorned with glistening pearl buttons. The dress fit me perfectly, and it was a dream come true. I was finally able to act on my desired wish list and understand this joyful company's allure. Standing in the dressing room of the iconic New York brand, surrounded by colorful articles of clothing and boxes of painful-yet classic pumps, I became instantly captivated by the magic of Kate Spade. I owe my overall style growth and a lot of my new-found self-assurance to this brand and will never forget the sheer magnetism of fitting into my first delicate and beautiful Kate Spade dress.

Every season I wait with excitement for the release of collection after collection, watching the models walk down the runway and picturing myself wearing the polished clothing with poise. I have to admit when Nicola Glass took over as creative director for Deborah Lloyd, and the brand was purchased by Tapestry, I was initially nervous at what the changes would be. Would the sizing change? Would the original and eccentric vibe be transformed into a more standard look? Once I discovered the SS19 collection, however, all these questions went straight out the window. Though the label has changed, Kate Spade New York's trademark class and individuality have stayed put and will live on forever. Together with the new designs, we were presented with the launch of the "spade-flower" motif, Nicola's unique twist. Nicola's new design takes on her reinvention of the famous New York-centric aura while still staying loyal to Kate Spade's endearing nature.

I have lived in the Kate Spade universe ever since I discovered my mother's extravagant shoes over a decade ago, and I don't plan on leaving this world any time soon. With the creative use of lively patterns and dazzling embellishments, the intimate DNA of Kate Spade's glamour and personality has been engrained in my everyday being. Losing weight has given me confidence, but Kate Spade has provided me with style, charm, and the marvelous feeling of wearing and owning luxury fashion. As I have evolved in my sense of style, I have expanded my pool of brands that appeal to my taste, but like a first love, you never forget where you started, and I will always be devoted to Kate Spade New York, the brand that created my fashionista persona. I have and will continuously be inspired by this brand, and it will continually be a reliable source for anything from scarves to jewels to outerwear.


If you've never shopped at Kate Spade before, be prepared to be mesmerized and enthralled by every element this store has to offer. Being under the spell of Kate Spade will prepare you for a wardrobe full of life, charm, and elegance, and of course, lots of fun!


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